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Hygain Recording Studio is a project based home studio located in Calgary. Our mission is to support local musicians who are looking for an opportunity to create radio-ready demo’s and song contest recordings or to produce Professional CD or EP recordings for commercial distribution.

The fully digital, multi track studio is equipped with premium quality microphones and digital interfaces. Work flow runs through professional level software Logic Pro X (DAW) and Adobe Audition (Mastering process).  The tracking (recording) facility is in an 800 sq. ft. sound treated space which includes a separated Live Room. The space is comfortable with several sofa’s and comfy chairs to lounge in while discussing recording takes and its current role in the universe.   We can simultaneously live-record through a console of 16 XMax Preamps which equates to an approximately 8 person band, depending on instrumentation.

We will record, mix, edit, master all genres of music. We have an affinity for folk, folk-rock and jazz.  We produce recordings of your music on  EP CDR in Red Book form suitable for commercial manufacture and distribution. We have produced recordings in Radio-Ready, emailable formats for demo’s and song-contests. Pricing for service is generally on a lump sum/all-in basis for the completed project so there are none of “those” little surprises.


Artists we have recorded include Six by Six (for their 2018 self-titled CD); Poor Boy; Lucid Diversity; Nobuo Kawaguchi and friends; Jennifer Hooper and friends; Linda PetersBob ChartierMurray Fitch; among others.

Below are a selection of the music recorded by Hygain Recording Studios: